Thursday, February 18, 2010

...Olympic Fist Pumping...

Ok..I don't know if being locked up in my apt all week..working late hours has made me mmmm perhaps hormonal?..I cried twice today during the Olympics!! What is wrong with me? I am a grown man! Did Evan Lysacek and Lindsey Vonn not bring you to tears with their gold medals? I was sooo excited for Vonn winning that downhill with her bruised shins and all...she deserved it! In skating...Lysacek has been my favorite and tonight he skated like a champion..I was at the edge of my seat..rooting.fist pumping and all! jajaj Next trip to LA..gotta meet this fool. (thats for my LA friends..get those connections going!) I do think that Johnny Weir was a bit cheated..underscored...I'm not saying he shoulda medalled but he shoulda had more points for that performance! I love his individuality...u go man! get it!
Ok..Curling? Why is that a sport? How is that a sport? I'm confused...I don't get it...any reader want to explain this one? Also...Shaun White gets on my nerves..he might have won gold today but I think he is soo cocky... I don't even like to hear his interviews.
Alright this was s short rant about the Olympics...I'm a bit hyper..sleep deprived and in dyer need of a beer or cocktail..a hugg... Delerious. zzz