Friday, February 12, 2010

..Is it too late to become an Olympian?...

I can't help but feel inspired to get off my ass and start a sport that will place me in the next Olympics jaja. Ridiculous...I know... but after watching the Olympian athletes practice today and walking in that spectacular 2010 Winter Olympics opening ceremony, it makes me want to be one of them! There is about 5" of snow outside here in Dallas... that just adds to the fire! jaja. I thought the US team uniforms were greattt...thank you Ralph Lauren. In my humble opinion, I thought that the ceremony was beautiful and thoughtful. One of my favorite parts was when the floor turned into ice blocks and the water started to flood the stadium... followed by the whales! NEATO! I thought that Nelly Furtado and Bryan Adams were boring.. looked great but..meh. It was so unentertaining that I already forgot what it is that they sang! jaja Sarah McLachlan was flawless...along with her dancers....and K. D. Lang singing Hallelujah was just breathtaking. Job well done Canada! eh? Side note...I chuckled when my beloved Mexico was announced and only had 1 athlete!! jajaj we all know how much I care about the motherland!..and now with my fervent desire to be an olympian..well I thought maybe.. just maybe Mexico can send me next time ; )

On a sad note...I thought it was very sad that Georgian luge slider Nodar Kumaritashvili died today on a practice run. I was very shocked to see NBC play that video on National television... images as such I'd expect to see when I'm down in Mexico but never in the US. I don't understand the media... they show this accident/death video yet choose to censor other things that are not as morbid (ie same sex displays of affection)..but I guess that's another blog post. jaja If I was one of those luge sliders I would seriously be considering stepping away from the competition.. or switch over to figure skating.. just sayin'.

There was another loss this week that came as a surprise... English designer Alexander McQueen was found dead. Is it me or does it seem as though there are wayyyy too many celebs dying this year?! Check out this video of his work... wicked good...

There are A LOT of celebrities in Dallas this weekend for the NBA All Star Game! I haven't ran into of them yet... I sadly missed the Kardashians who were partying 1 block away from my apt last night because I was working on a deadline... boo...sad day..I really want to meet Khloe! ..she's my fav of the three jaja.
In a previous post I mentioned going to PARK on Henderson.. here is a snap shot along with a pic of the snow storm...taken from my apt... It's like Xmas all over again! jaja


  1. OMG how did I not know you have a blog?!? I am following you, like, yesterday!!!
    P.S. Love the name!