Wednesday, March 3, 2010

...Jockstraps and Sunshine...

Faithful readers...I'm sorry I've been so distant lately! I had a very heavy 2.5 weeks of 12+ hr days...including an all nighter which I shouldn't complain about because I am very grateful to have work. In addition to those long days..I've started softball and daily workout routine to lose that winter weight. If you didn't come to any softball games last should SO come this's way fun. I've joined the Terriers..not sure what position I'll play on this team ...I really enjoyed playing 2nd last year. I got hit on the leg already...but atleast it wasn't my face or the crotch. "My plastic surgeon doesn't want me involved in any activities where balls fly at my nose" jaja! One thing I don't enjoy about softball is the cup..I don't mind wearing the's great..jaja but that dang cup is so unnatural. Most of my male readers probably know what I'm talking my lady readers I would compare it to putting your breasts in two hard plastic cups..and then being active while wearing them! Size does matter..I'm afraid I might have the wrong size..but what's the return policy on that?! jajaj

Soo it's starting to feel like SPRING ! Jorts..V Necks...Windows rolled down with Kaskade playing in the background..Sunshine on my cheeks..all four jaja. I LIVE for it. What better way to celebrate the weather than with a little trip to the big Apple. I'm off to NYC in 15 days with a very healthy looking group of guys and it's motivated me to get back to the routine that I've put off for mmm 3 months? Guilty..ayy. So far so good though! I've posted about Bravo's "Kell on Earth" show before...and OMG what if I run into Kelly Cutrone while in NYC? jaja... Most of you are probably thinking "you wish UE" but hey..I have such good luck with that kinda shit..example..that NBA Game (which I've posted some pics below!). This week on "Kell on Earth" some girl got hired and fired within an hour because she was "tweeting" about being there. WHO TWEETS 8 times in 30 mins? I don't know what to think about it? we really need to know what you're doing every 5 minutes? Same goes for Facebook updates....who cares what you eat for breakfast/lunch/dinner?! Just sayin'

Here are some pics of my experience at the NBA Allstar game...we weren't allowed to have cameras because of the flash and we'd be on tv..and etc etc..

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