Monday, February 15, 2010

...The 2010 NBA All Star Game & my Debut as a Cast Audience...

...The 2010 NBA All Star Game was by far one of the coolest events I've ever done! I was cast as a fan for Shakira, Usher and Alicia Keys performance. It was kinda an all day event...a bus took us into Cowboys stadium at 2 where we did rehearsal with Usher.. basically learned how to get down to the stage and to our pit areas for the performance. After that we had to go outside for a tailgate and be front row at One Republics performance!..that was sweet because Charles Barkley was there too. I was wondering where we would be placed durin the game and to my surprise..we had wicked good seats.. pretty much courtside! jaja Gretchen Wilson and the Candadian Tenors (whom I fell in love with on Oprah last week) did the star bangled banner and all that good stuff.

..Peformance number one with over 107,000 people live..Usher. It was really good..I posted a video of a piece of it. I thought he would be bigger than me but he is a tiny guy..shorter than I jaja but he is funny and was really cool with us during rehearsal. In between his songs they introduce the NBA All Star players..they would pop out of the ground..infront/behind me... I was in the middle of Dirk Nowitzki, Kobe Bryant..Lebron James..etc.. Steve Nash gave me a high five on his way out jaja. The player introduction was probably one of my favorite parts of the event. Pause it at 0.04 seconds..there is a girl w/curly hair..then me in a blue jean jacket jaja!

Shakira!! This is the main reason I signed up to do this event...I am kinda a really huge fan of this beautiful and talented Colombian. We had no idea what the performance would be like with her because she didn't rehearse..You don't have to when you're Shakira do you!? She came outa the ground in her She Wolf cage..OMG OMG I went into a state of nirvana.. I could not believe I was 3 feet away from her!..even if I paid front row at her concert I would not be as close as I was there. Her performance as always was ridiculously great and she has a great body! AauuU. Here is her vid..

Alicia Keys has a boot-ee...junk in the trunk..also a very pretty girl and hot bod..she was taller than I thought she'd be. My fav part of her performance was when she sang that New York song..all around us the screens turned into NYC and her banging into the piano just made it that much better... we could feel notes jaja Here's her vid..

So yeah..pretty fabulous time jaja! Oh yeah..I got to be in the area where the VIP go to buy their snacks and go to the bathrooms etc..holy shit! was almost like being at a bar.. the decor was chic..from the tiles/lights to the furniture. They def don't serve hot dogs in those concession stands!...gourmet burgers and champagne for everyone jaja. I ran into Cookie Johnson at Neimans on sat and again at the game..this time with her hubby Magic Johnson.. P Diddy was there.. Ludacris.. Arnold Swarchenegger.. I am on the casting directors email list now and he is doing the Superbowl next year..which is at Cowboys I just might be part of the show again jaja! Guys..I really don't know how I get this shit.. this kinda stuff just happens by luck... fingers crossed I get that reality show I want ; )

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