Thursday, February 18, 2010

...Olympic Fist Pumping...

Ok..I don't know if being locked up in my apt all week..working late hours has made me mmmm perhaps hormonal?..I cried twice today during the Olympics!! What is wrong with me? I am a grown man! Did Evan Lysacek and Lindsey Vonn not bring you to tears with their gold medals? I was sooo excited for Vonn winning that downhill with her bruised shins and all...she deserved it! In skating...Lysacek has been my favorite and tonight he skated like a champion..I was at the edge of my seat..rooting.fist pumping and all! jajaj Next trip to LA..gotta meet this fool. (thats for my LA friends..get those connections going!) I do think that Johnny Weir was a bit cheated..underscored...I'm not saying he shoulda medalled but he shoulda had more points for that performance! I love his individuality...u go man! get it!
Ok..Curling? Why is that a sport? How is that a sport? I'm confused...I don't get it...any reader want to explain this one? Also...Shaun White gets on my nerves..he might have won gold today but I think he is soo cocky... I don't even like to hear his interviews.
Alright this was s short rant about the Olympics...I'm a bit hyper..sleep deprived and in dyer need of a beer or cocktail..a hugg... Delerious. zzz

Monday, February 15, 2010

...The 2010 NBA All Star Game & my Debut as a Cast Audience...

...The 2010 NBA All Star Game was by far one of the coolest events I've ever done! I was cast as a fan for Shakira, Usher and Alicia Keys performance. It was kinda an all day event...a bus took us into Cowboys stadium at 2 where we did rehearsal with Usher.. basically learned how to get down to the stage and to our pit areas for the performance. After that we had to go outside for a tailgate and be front row at One Republics performance!..that was sweet because Charles Barkley was there too. I was wondering where we would be placed durin the game and to my surprise..we had wicked good seats.. pretty much courtside! jaja Gretchen Wilson and the Candadian Tenors (whom I fell in love with on Oprah last week) did the star bangled banner and all that good stuff.

..Peformance number one with over 107,000 people live..Usher. It was really good..I posted a video of a piece of it. I thought he would be bigger than me but he is a tiny guy..shorter than I jaja but he is funny and was really cool with us during rehearsal. In between his songs they introduce the NBA All Star players..they would pop out of the ground..infront/behind me... I was in the middle of Dirk Nowitzki, Kobe Bryant..Lebron James..etc.. Steve Nash gave me a high five on his way out jaja. The player introduction was probably one of my favorite parts of the event. Pause it at 0.04 seconds..there is a girl w/curly hair..then me in a blue jean jacket jaja!

Shakira!! This is the main reason I signed up to do this event...I am kinda a really huge fan of this beautiful and talented Colombian. We had no idea what the performance would be like with her because she didn't rehearse..You don't have to when you're Shakira do you!? She came outa the ground in her She Wolf cage..OMG OMG I went into a state of nirvana.. I could not believe I was 3 feet away from her!..even if I paid front row at her concert I would not be as close as I was there. Her performance as always was ridiculously great and she has a great body! AauuU. Here is her vid..

Alicia Keys has a boot-ee...junk in the trunk..also a very pretty girl and hot bod..she was taller than I thought she'd be. My fav part of her performance was when she sang that New York song..all around us the screens turned into NYC and her banging into the piano just made it that much better... we could feel notes jaja Here's her vid..

So yeah..pretty fabulous time jaja! Oh yeah..I got to be in the area where the VIP go to buy their snacks and go to the bathrooms etc..holy shit! was almost like being at a bar.. the decor was chic..from the tiles/lights to the furniture. They def don't serve hot dogs in those concession stands!...gourmet burgers and champagne for everyone jaja. I ran into Cookie Johnson at Neimans on sat and again at the game..this time with her hubby Magic Johnson.. P Diddy was there.. Ludacris.. Arnold Swarchenegger.. I am on the casting directors email list now and he is doing the Superbowl next year..which is at Cowboys I just might be part of the show again jaja! Guys..I really don't know how I get this shit.. this kinda stuff just happens by luck... fingers crossed I get that reality show I want ; )

Friday, February 12, 2010

..Is it too late to become an Olympian?...

I can't help but feel inspired to get off my ass and start a sport that will place me in the next Olympics jaja. Ridiculous...I know... but after watching the Olympian athletes practice today and walking in that spectacular 2010 Winter Olympics opening ceremony, it makes me want to be one of them! There is about 5" of snow outside here in Dallas... that just adds to the fire! jaja. I thought the US team uniforms were greattt...thank you Ralph Lauren. In my humble opinion, I thought that the ceremony was beautiful and thoughtful. One of my favorite parts was when the floor turned into ice blocks and the water started to flood the stadium... followed by the whales! NEATO! I thought that Nelly Furtado and Bryan Adams were boring.. looked great but..meh. It was so unentertaining that I already forgot what it is that they sang! jaja Sarah McLachlan was flawless...along with her dancers....and K. D. Lang singing Hallelujah was just breathtaking. Job well done Canada! eh? Side note...I chuckled when my beloved Mexico was announced and only had 1 athlete!! jajaj we all know how much I care about the motherland!..and now with my fervent desire to be an olympian..well I thought maybe.. just maybe Mexico can send me next time ; )

On a sad note...I thought it was very sad that Georgian luge slider Nodar Kumaritashvili died today on a practice run. I was very shocked to see NBC play that video on National television... images as such I'd expect to see when I'm down in Mexico but never in the US. I don't understand the media... they show this accident/death video yet choose to censor other things that are not as morbid (ie same sex displays of affection)..but I guess that's another blog post. jaja If I was one of those luge sliders I would seriously be considering stepping away from the competition.. or switch over to figure skating.. just sayin'.

There was another loss this week that came as a surprise... English designer Alexander McQueen was found dead. Is it me or does it seem as though there are wayyyy too many celebs dying this year?! Check out this video of his work... wicked good...

There are A LOT of celebrities in Dallas this weekend for the NBA All Star Game! I haven't ran into of them yet... I sadly missed the Kardashians who were partying 1 block away from my apt last night because I was working on a deadline... boo...sad day..I really want to meet Khloe! ..she's my fav of the three jaja.
In a previous post I mentioned going to PARK on Henderson.. here is a snap shot along with a pic of the snow storm...taken from my apt... It's like Xmas all over again! jaja

Monday, February 8, 2010

...Who Dat & Swarovski Crystals...

I have to admit that I was torn between which team to root for..Colts or Saints?! My friends convinced me to root for the underdogs and our neighbors in the dirty south..the Saints! I was recently in NOLA and in Miami (yall have a ridiculously great nightlife) and I can only imagine how bad ass the party was last night! I was there in spirit..with my hand in the air.. shaking my hips side to side..with that UE swagger..chanting "who dat, baby heey!" jajaj.

Queen Latifah? Seriously? jaja I coulda sang that song and not been so flat.. I would have atleast sung that song with energy! Oh..and I'm sorry Carrie Underwood...I heart you, but seriously? My ears were hurting for a while after her yelling the national anthem because that was not singing.. that was hollering. Just sayin'. jaja FINALLY, they got it right with the WHO !!! AMAZING... great music..ofcourse the special effects help make their performance that much more spectacular. Two thumbs up. I was a little bit upset with the commercials this year! I liked the Simpsons Coca Cola commercial...and this one about Etrade jaja...

PS did yall see Kell on Earth tonight? Can someone hook me up with an internship there? I work best under pressure =) ...I am concerned with her assistant wearing dresses or bondage gear (in public jajaj)..As a viewer it makes me feel uncomfortable. To each his own. OH what about that guy that swallowed a Swarovski crystal?! jajaja.. Have you heard that saying from Ralph Wiggum in the Simpsons.. "Corn? When did I eat corn?" jaja..well how fun would it be to say "Swarovski? When did I eat Swarovski cyrstals?" jajaj

Saturday, February 6, 2010

..If you have to cry...go outside....

I don't think reality tv can get any better than Bravo's new show "Kell on Earth" !!!! I have been waiting months for this show to start... Kelly Cutrone is brilliant and hillarious! For those of you not familiar with her firm, Peoples Revolution is a marketing/branding/public relations firm... basically they produce kick ass fashion shows all over the world..and the show is about her and what her firm does. I wish I had what it takes to be as brutal and fierce in the work place as Kell! That bitch knows her shit... hats off to her. My favorite quote from the first episode thus far was "us power kids are hungry...we need to get fed!" jajaja AMEN sista' ! jajaj...

I think it is fascinating to see what happens backstage at a fashion show. The show has a great insight on all of the chaotic hot mess that is behind a show. The audience sees a tall, pretty girl strutting down the runway... usually with grace jaja...and they have no idea how terrifying it is behind the walls. I walked in a fashion show for PS Styling in December and although it was no Bryant Park in New York City... it gave me a feel for what it's like backstage. Terrifying! jaja people yelling, clothes everywhere, boobs hangin out jaja... but nothing is worse than those last few seconds before they tell you "go" on the runway... jaja If Kelly Cutrone was the one running that shit I would have peed my pants before I even made to the runway! jaja is a peak at her show... I hope you guys watch so we can bond over the show throughout the season...

If you have to cry... go outside! jaja

Friday, February 5, 2010

...Passengers with destination...

I was sitting on the couch with my french doors open in my uptown bubble... on a beautiful Friday afternoon... sipping on my venti sweet green tea from Starbucks when I suddenly got the urge to blog. OH, I just want to warn my readers that I like ellipses (...) dot dot dot.. and I like to laugh in spanish... therefore I will be using the jaja's instead of the LOLs or Hahas! With that said..lets get started!

OK seriously Lady Gaga?! I would be pissed if I had to sit behind that woman at any event IE the Grammys. Sooo I met Lady Gaga once at a fashion show for Miss Sixty here in Dallas and we chatted for a while.. she was super nice and outgoing and I think she is tremendously talented... I want her bad romance! However, we get're different! I'd like to see her in couture for a change! Now that would be interesting!
Moving on to the Dallas "scene"... I MUST tell you about this place... last weekend we ventured out to PARK on Henderson to have some cocktails for Anita's birthday. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised.. it was pretty damn fabulous with good music, reasonably priced drinks and great ambiance. I was initially interested in this restaurant/bar/garden because of its heavy landscaping. Nerd alert: I am a landscape architect. I felt like if I was out and about in LA! We (and by we I mean my entourage jaja my posse.. my friends) will definitely be going back to get our groove on. It is attached to a bar called "Celine" with posh booths...totally birthday party friendly. Just sayin'

In closing..I'd love to leave you dancing with one of my favorite songs by one of my all time favorite singers... the surrogate mother of my childern jaja Shakira ...from her album SHE WOLF.. this is Mon Amour (click there jaja)

"passengers with destination to hell.. please proceed to your gate... we are ready to board now" =P