Wednesday, April 28, 2010

....Do I look illegal !?....

What does an illegal immigrant look like? …does he wear “huaraches”?... does he mow your lawn?.... is he brown? A lot of people are flabbergasted by the SB1070 turned law in Arizona by Gov. Jan Brewer. Pictured here.

Article 8 Section B states “WHERE REASONABLE SUSPICION EXISTS THAT THE PERSON IS AN ALIEN WHO IS..UNLAWFULLY PRESENT IN THE UNITED STATES, A REASONABLE ATTEMPT SHALL BE MADE, WHEN PRACTICABLE, TO DETERMINE THE IMMIGRATION STATUS OF THE PERSON” In other words, part of the law requires immigrants to carry their alien registration documents at all times and police are to question people if there is a reason to “suspect” they’re illegally in the country. I call bullshit ! Who is trained to spot an illegal immigrant on the streets of Arizona?...I’m so peeved by the racial profiling this will cause. YOU KNOW they’re going to go after the people that look a little more humble, work construction, work gardening, clean your homes. What if I said I was one? What if I took my little cousins, who mind you are all blonde blue eyed Mexicans, to get ice cream and was stopped by the popo because I looked “suspicious”…ugh I would die. How distressing!

I had the opportunity to interview an Arizona resident and friend Nick about the new law. “Overall, I like the bill…it addresses some real problems that are rampant in AZ. It is harsher on human smugglers and day laborers in front of Home Depot who are impeding commerce...” said Nick. Great point...there are definitely some issues that AZ deals with that are not as prevalent in other states and a lot of people on both sides support the bill for those reasons.

Watch this video…particularly the moment when Gov Brewer was asked that same question I ask you.. “What does an illegal immigrant look like…does he look like me?” Her answer “I do not know”…then why are you passing a law that asks the police to look for them if you don’t know yourself?! The Gov. then proceeded to say that she assumes “there are people in Arizona that assume they know what an illegal immigrant looks like”. Well while you are “assuming” I have to carry around my documents to prove I’m legal? Talk about a violation of my civil rights.

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Also, you KNOW this targets the Latino community. I doubt they’ll be stopping the blue eyed tall illegal Europeans, the Asians, etc etc. For those readers that don’t know what racial profiling is…according to Wikipedia it “is the inclusion of racial or ethnic characteristics in determining whether a person is considered likely to commit a particular type of crime or an illegal act or to behave in a predictable manner”. I asked Nick if he worried about racial profiling and he said… “I and a lot of others (including some pretty conservative republicans I know) have a problem within this bill is the language at the beginning that grants law enforcement the right to question anyone who looks reasonably suspicious as being illegal”. …I think we all harmonize on this point... “in AZ I think that basically equates to being brown because we are a border state and being an illegal immigrant is synonymous with being Mexican or of Hispanic origin and that is where the potential for racial profiling stems from”-Nick. I don’t think I could have put it better myself….enough said.

Unfortunately…this is a result of a problem that should be taken care of at the federal level…and according to President Obama it is a “misguided” solution. Agreed. Immigration is definitely a problem…and there is a need for change. Arizona is taking a stand and basically telling the federal government to do something about it. To read the bill in full --> SENATE BILL 1070

The entire country is finally listening and we can only hope that we move in the right direction.

Do something about it.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

...a Housewife and a Creeper....

Spotted...Real Housewife of NYC in the big D! Alex McCord and hubby Simon van Kempen came to Dallas to promote their book "Litle Kids, Big City". There were about 20 of us there..and yours truly was taking notes to bring you the details. ..They basically read a few excerpts and then opened the floor for a Q&A....and ofcourse most of the questions were related to the reality show and not so much the book.
What is true vs what is fake? The conversations at the cocktail partys, the fashion shows, the dinners etc are all real..not scripted. She said that certain things are redone, such as phone calls. Also, when they sit in the chair to talk about scenes...a lot of the time it is done weeks after filming and the producers will ask the questions like "remember when she said this about you..." and they'll make up something to get a reaction out of them...they stir things up! She also ventured to say that she was almost 99% sure that the scene where Bethany found out she was preggers was fake/redone.

What is up with Jill? the nicest way possible...let us know that this season is showing Jills true colors! A little betch' jaja... In other words, she is not the nicest person and apparently doesn't get along too well with Alex.
The Countess...Spill it Alex! jaja umm soo it seems as though the Countess is the fakest person on the show! ..she also said that she believes LuAnn would be a lot happier if she was more true to herself.

It was a lot of fun to chat with them and we spent most of the time laughing..I had a great time. Their little rascals Francois and Johan were there as well. They also mentioned that there are 2 new of whom we've just met this past week. Also, this show was originally called "Manhattan Moms"...they had no idea it was going to turn into the Real Housewives of NYC.

After this little get together...I headed to Bishops Art District area to eat at BOLSA !...It is a Market/Cafe/Wine Bar.. their menu changes daily to bring you the freshest foods available. I absolutely loved this place...the food was great and the restuarant itself has an "eclectic, bohemian" feel. I MUST warn you about their drink...the "oak cliff creeper".. o.m.g. ..I had one of these and nothing else...well... 30 mins creeped up on me! jajaj def glad I didn't have two of those.. jaja Here are some pics I took....
PS... quote of the night "theres the foot fetish guy from the Bachelorette... watch yo' feet!" jajaja..after running into him at Bar Celine last night lol...

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

..Mr. Photographer...

"Mr. Photographer...
Be sure to catch me from my
good side.. pick one.." jajaj

I'd like to indroduce to you one of the most talented, hip, artistic photographers in Dallas... DV Design & Photography ! UEs Bubble would like to give a much deserved spotlight to great local artists..which is why I bring you Dustin Vyers.

Dustin R. Vyers, born December 31, 1977, is an endowed Dallas photographer. This San Antonio native has been featured in Texas Christian Magazine, Dallas Asian, Dallas Voice... just to name a few. His work is not limited to photography...he is a professional graphic designer and a remarkable painter.

I think it is extremely important to feel comfortable with the person that is capturing a moment in your child's first Easter, cap & gown, or personal photos... and Dustin's lively personality gaurantees a relaxing, fun, comfortable photoshoot. I've had the priveledge to see DV Design & Photography in action both infront and behind the cameras... he works hard until he has the perfect shot. His clients range from toddlers, newly engaged couples, and other artists as well ..and although photoshoot ideas are always welcomed, Dustin is never short of clever thoughts! ....On a slightly less relevant note, he loves his coffee and although he may argue with me on this one..he's no pool shark! jajaj

Be sure to check out WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/DVDESIGN for more info on Dustin and his work...I hope to see you on a spring/summer photoshoot soon!...

Thursday, April 8, 2010

..He Bangs!...He Bangs!...

"He walks like..he talks like..he talks like he walks...He Bangs! He Bangs!" jajaj...

WHO isn't talking about this these days? World famous singer Ricky Martin, formerly known as Enrique Martin Morales, has finally come out of the closet! I must preface this post by saying that I have nothing against gays.. I have a lot of gay friends and they're not too shabby! jaja This Puerto Rican pop singer was born on December 24, 1971...which means...that's right..he's almost 40 jaja! People have been speculating about his sexuality for years... and in all isn't our business!...Barbara Walters asked him 10 yrs ago why he wouldn't answer any questions about it and he replied with "I just don't feel like it"... Well things have changed since then..but why now? I have a nudge that something that is happening in Mexico right now is what pushed him a little to get the courage to come out.

Mexico City recently passed gay marriage..soo the next topic of interest is the gay adoption issue. Should gays be allowed to adopt? That was the question posed upon Mexican ranchera singer Paquita la del Barrio about a month prior to Ricky's coming out. The answer was simple..."No". The ranchera singer, who mind you was born in 1947, said that it is only right to have a father and a mother but not a father & father or mother & mother. Furthermore, she rather see the kids stay in an orphanage. I believe that everyone is entitled to their opinions..however..if I was a public figure as she is, I wouldn't be making such strong statements! There has been an uproar in the country about her response and everyone is reacting. Paquita (whom I adore.. her music is sung by all)..has even gotten ill over the stressful pickle she got herself into.

OK so all of that is going on and then all of a sudden Ricky comes out with a Bang! jaja I told you he Bangs..he Bangs! In part of his statements he said "I am the father of tow beautiful boys that are so full of light and who with their outlook teach me new things every day. To keep living as I did up until today would be to indirectly diminish the glow that my kids were born with". wow I think he pretty much told her indirectly! jaja. So you tell think he was somewhat moved by her statements to come out at the precise moment? I think so =P Also, Paquita has since retracted her comments and claims she is "old school" and "ignorant"..etc. Despite all of her comments... which I don't totally agree with...I will still sing along to her rancheras for years to come because it's just her opinion.

As for Ricky....dude..when are you coming out with another cd?! Who doesn't love to shake their bom bom to his beats? I would pay anything to shake mine front row at one of his concerts. Gay or not..he is still a pop legend and a very talented artist. Nobody can take that away from him. I hope you enjoyed my 2 cents on this topic...... until then... I'm off to Live la Vida Loca!...

Friday, March 5, 2010

..Winter Kate...

I ventured out to Neiman Marcus yesterday to meet Nicole Richie and see her Spring 2010 Collection "Winter Kate"... it was fun! Nobody at the event would even have a clue that she scarfed down Chick-fil-a burger and fries prior to the event by looking at her..she is SO teeny tiny! Her collection was almost sold out in a matter of 30 minutes! I don't know much about that stuff but it was nice..nothing special..kinda that flowy, bohemian chic look.

So my friend Whitney and I were sipping our bubbly when this girl in her 30's that was standing by us started to butt in our conversation. She was wacky..cookoo..on something! jaja..kept talking about her extensions/tracks in her hair..about Sinbad?! WTF I didn't know he was still around..and about how she wanted to be photographed to be in Paper City! Here's the funny thing..Paper City walked by and asked my friend Whitney and I to pose..and when we did that girl got in our pic!! she was excited to be photographed to possibly make it into Paper City.. WELL..the photographer then proceeds to ask Whitney and I to pose by ourselves jajajaj without that girl. She died..poor thing. Bless her heart. jajaj..THEN we saw her go up to Nicole Richie and after she walked away..Nicole looked at us like WTF?! It was entertaining to say the least...

After this event I had to go to softball practice..and let me tell you something.. drinking champagne prior to practice = FAIL. was tough! I also did something I never thought I'd do..I was outside of Barneys in my underwear! Picture it..UE in his solid colored American Apparel briefs and a fedora! ..jajaj Here are some pics..(still waiting on Whitneys pics)..

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

...Jockstraps and Sunshine...

Faithful readers...I'm sorry I've been so distant lately! I had a very heavy 2.5 weeks of 12+ hr days...including an all nighter which I shouldn't complain about because I am very grateful to have work. In addition to those long days..I've started softball and daily workout routine to lose that winter weight. If you didn't come to any softball games last should SO come this's way fun. I've joined the Terriers..not sure what position I'll play on this team ...I really enjoyed playing 2nd last year. I got hit on the leg already...but atleast it wasn't my face or the crotch. "My plastic surgeon doesn't want me involved in any activities where balls fly at my nose" jaja! One thing I don't enjoy about softball is the cup..I don't mind wearing the's great..jaja but that dang cup is so unnatural. Most of my male readers probably know what I'm talking my lady readers I would compare it to putting your breasts in two hard plastic cups..and then being active while wearing them! Size does matter..I'm afraid I might have the wrong size..but what's the return policy on that?! jajaj

Soo it's starting to feel like SPRING ! Jorts..V Necks...Windows rolled down with Kaskade playing in the background..Sunshine on my cheeks..all four jaja. I LIVE for it. What better way to celebrate the weather than with a little trip to the big Apple. I'm off to NYC in 15 days with a very healthy looking group of guys and it's motivated me to get back to the routine that I've put off for mmm 3 months? Guilty..ayy. So far so good though! I've posted about Bravo's "Kell on Earth" show before...and OMG what if I run into Kelly Cutrone while in NYC? jaja... Most of you are probably thinking "you wish UE" but hey..I have such good luck with that kinda shit..example..that NBA Game (which I've posted some pics below!). This week on "Kell on Earth" some girl got hired and fired within an hour because she was "tweeting" about being there. WHO TWEETS 8 times in 30 mins? I don't know what to think about it? we really need to know what you're doing every 5 minutes? Same goes for Facebook updates....who cares what you eat for breakfast/lunch/dinner?! Just sayin'

Here are some pics of my experience at the NBA Allstar game...we weren't allowed to have cameras because of the flash and we'd be on tv..and etc etc..

Thursday, February 18, 2010

...Olympic Fist Pumping...

Ok..I don't know if being locked up in my apt all week..working late hours has made me mmmm perhaps hormonal?..I cried twice today during the Olympics!! What is wrong with me? I am a grown man! Did Evan Lysacek and Lindsey Vonn not bring you to tears with their gold medals? I was sooo excited for Vonn winning that downhill with her bruised shins and all...she deserved it! In skating...Lysacek has been my favorite and tonight he skated like a champion..I was at the edge of my seat..rooting.fist pumping and all! jajaj Next trip to LA..gotta meet this fool. (thats for my LA friends..get those connections going!) I do think that Johnny Weir was a bit cheated..underscored...I'm not saying he shoulda medalled but he shoulda had more points for that performance! I love his individuality...u go man! get it!
Ok..Curling? Why is that a sport? How is that a sport? I'm confused...I don't get it...any reader want to explain this one? Also...Shaun White gets on my nerves..he might have won gold today but I think he is soo cocky... I don't even like to hear his interviews.
Alright this was s short rant about the Olympics...I'm a bit hyper..sleep deprived and in dyer need of a beer or cocktail..a hugg... Delerious. zzz