Friday, March 5, 2010

..Winter Kate...

I ventured out to Neiman Marcus yesterday to meet Nicole Richie and see her Spring 2010 Collection "Winter Kate"... it was fun! Nobody at the event would even have a clue that she scarfed down Chick-fil-a burger and fries prior to the event by looking at her..she is SO teeny tiny! Her collection was almost sold out in a matter of 30 minutes! I don't know much about that stuff but it was nice..nothing special..kinda that flowy, bohemian chic look.

So my friend Whitney and I were sipping our bubbly when this girl in her 30's that was standing by us started to butt in our conversation. She was wacky..cookoo..on something! jaja..kept talking about her extensions/tracks in her hair..about Sinbad?! WTF I didn't know he was still around..and about how she wanted to be photographed to be in Paper City! Here's the funny thing..Paper City walked by and asked my friend Whitney and I to pose..and when we did that girl got in our pic!! she was excited to be photographed to possibly make it into Paper City.. WELL..the photographer then proceeds to ask Whitney and I to pose by ourselves jajajaj without that girl. She died..poor thing. Bless her heart. jajaj..THEN we saw her go up to Nicole Richie and after she walked away..Nicole looked at us like WTF?! It was entertaining to say the least...

After this event I had to go to softball practice..and let me tell you something.. drinking champagne prior to practice = FAIL. was tough! I also did something I never thought I'd do..I was outside of Barneys in my underwear! Picture it..UE in his solid colored American Apparel briefs and a fedora! ..jajaj Here are some pics..(still waiting on Whitneys pics)..

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