Sunday, April 18, 2010

...a Housewife and a Creeper....

Spotted...Real Housewife of NYC in the big D! Alex McCord and hubby Simon van Kempen came to Dallas to promote their book "Litle Kids, Big City". There were about 20 of us there..and yours truly was taking notes to bring you the details. ..They basically read a few excerpts and then opened the floor for a Q&A....and ofcourse most of the questions were related to the reality show and not so much the book.
What is true vs what is fake? The conversations at the cocktail partys, the fashion shows, the dinners etc are all real..not scripted. She said that certain things are redone, such as phone calls. Also, when they sit in the chair to talk about scenes...a lot of the time it is done weeks after filming and the producers will ask the questions like "remember when she said this about you..." and they'll make up something to get a reaction out of them...they stir things up! She also ventured to say that she was almost 99% sure that the scene where Bethany found out she was preggers was fake/redone.

What is up with Jill? the nicest way possible...let us know that this season is showing Jills true colors! A little betch' jaja... In other words, she is not the nicest person and apparently doesn't get along too well with Alex.
The Countess...Spill it Alex! jaja umm soo it seems as though the Countess is the fakest person on the show! ..she also said that she believes LuAnn would be a lot happier if she was more true to herself.

It was a lot of fun to chat with them and we spent most of the time laughing..I had a great time. Their little rascals Francois and Johan were there as well. They also mentioned that there are 2 new of whom we've just met this past week. Also, this show was originally called "Manhattan Moms"...they had no idea it was going to turn into the Real Housewives of NYC.

After this little get together...I headed to Bishops Art District area to eat at BOLSA !...It is a Market/Cafe/Wine Bar.. their menu changes daily to bring you the freshest foods available. I absolutely loved this place...the food was great and the restuarant itself has an "eclectic, bohemian" feel. I MUST warn you about their drink...the "oak cliff creeper".. o.m.g. ..I had one of these and nothing else...well... 30 mins creeped up on me! jajaj def glad I didn't have two of those.. jaja Here are some pics I took....
PS... quote of the night "theres the foot fetish guy from the Bachelorette... watch yo' feet!" jajaja..after running into him at Bar Celine last night lol...

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